Community Collection Sites

Special thanks to all of the businesses and organizations that collected supplies for us this year!

Volunteers from all over Bloomington-Normal are working with the Back 2 School Alliance to collect backpacks and school supplies.  Almost 70 community partners committed to hosting a Collection Box at their site.  It is with commitment such as this, that our community is able to provide this much needed service to deserving students.  A HUGE thank-you goes out to all those listed below!  Those listed in italics have also made a financial or in-kind donation to the Back to School program.

Big yellow and blue boxes at these locations make it easy for people to donate items, which will be accepted through the cutoff date the first weekend in August.  Three locations are available year round:  Normal Unit 5 Dist Office, Bloomington Dist 87 office, and Mid Central Community Action.

Please click on the Supply List tab to see the list of needed items designated by both District 87 and Unit 5 schools.  If you would like to join in the fun, you may drop your donations at any of the following locations:

  • Advocate Chapel
  • Advocate Fitness
  • Advocate Hospice                                      Hershey Rd, Blm
  • Afni                                                              1310 Martin Luther King Jr
  • Afni                                                               404 Brock Dr, Blm
  • Bloomington Dist 87 Office                     300 E Monroe St, Blm
  • Bloomington Farmer’s Market                Downtwn Bloomington Square Saturday until noon
  • Bloomington Public Library                     205 E Olive St, Blm
  • B/N  Association  of REALTORS               407 Detroit Avenue, Blm
  • O’Brien Honda                                            1601 GE Road, Normal
  • Central Illinois Spine Doctors                  1603 Visa Dr #3
  • Central Illinois Bank                                  1801 E Empire St, Blm
  • CVS                                                                 North Center Street,  Blm
  • Four Seasons 1                                              904 Four Seasons Rd, Blm
  • Four Seasons 2                                              2401 Airport Rd, Blm
  • Hail the Hairking                                         1702 W College Ave, Normal
  • Heartland Church                                        1811 N Linden St, Normal
  • HyVee                                                             1403 N. Veteran’s Parkway
  • ISU Credit Union                                          Center St, Blm
  • Katie’s Kids Learning Center                     1602 Glenbridge Rd, Blm
  • Katie’s Kids Learning Center                     2003 Jacobssen Dr, Normal
  • McLean County Museum of History        200 N Main St, Blm

  • McLean County 4H Fair 8/1                        1106 Interstate Dr, Blm
  • Mid Illini Credit Union                                 Eastland St, Blm
  •  My Lean Body Boot Camp-                        Bloomington/Normal
  • Office Depot                                                   1700 E College Ave, Normal
  • Normal Unit 5 Dist Office                            1809 W Hovey, Normal
  • Schnucks                                                          Veteran’s Parkway, Blm
  • United Way                                                     201 E Grove St # 100, Blm
  • WalMart                                                           300 Greenbriar Dr, Normal
  • WalMart                                                           Route 9 West, Blm
  • YWCA                                                                Hershey Road, Bloomington