Who We Are
The Back 2 School Alliance is a group of volunteers and community partners who are dedicated to supporting students in need.  We work hand in hand with Bloomington District 87 and Normal Unit 5 and Illinois Prairie Community Foundation to bring kids and community together by putting backpacks and school supplies into the hands of the children who need them most.

The Need
It is hard to believe, but about 1 in 3 students in Bloomington-Normal schools qualify for a free or reduced lunch at school. There are approximately 5,500 K-8 eligible students and 1,700 eligible students in grades 9-12.

Our Mission
To encourage and motivate families to complete school registration and health requirements so their children can begin school on Day One.  When those requirements are met, qualified K-8 students are given an invitation to attend the Back 2 School Party in August where they receive a prepared backpack and school supplies in a party atmosphere!  We seek to consolidate all of the smaller efforts into one community-wide drive in order to maximize the number of students we serve. The Back 2 School Party will be held August 13, 2020 at the Grossinger Arena from 12 pm -5 pm and an express lane for pick up from 5 pm to 6 pm.

Our Goals

It’s About the Kids

  • Helping them get off to a good start when school begins
  • Putting the most basic tools in their hands to help them achieve success in their education
  • Creating a positive experience as they start the school year

It’s About this Community

  • We know the future of our community is impacted by the academic success of our students today.  By helping them, we are actually building a stronger community for tomorrow.
  • Bloomington-Normal people have built an impressive track record for coming together to support student success.  In 2019, over 2,000 backpacks with supplies were distributed at the Back 2 School Party with  2,644 in attendance plus 300+ volunteers and school administrators serving the students and their families. Another 800 were distributed to the districts after the event.
  • People want to help in real, tangible ways.  There are volunteers giving selflessly all year round, planning, organizing, delivering collection boxes, hosting supply drives, sitting at tables for the community supply drives, sorting supplies, packing backpacks for distribution, setting up for the Party, and serving at the Party… to name a few!

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Dayna Brown (Unit 5), Julia Perez (Dist 87),  Jan Meadows, Taunia Leffler, Regina Johnson, Gloria Spinks,  Lori Hahm, Laura Duvendack, Vickie Mahrt, Michelle Cook, Paul Hursey, Joanne Schumacher, Heidi German and Dr. Rena Shifflett.